The primary purpose of the Student Instructor course is to train the student in the basic principles of cosmetology instruction such as theory of teaching, practical demonstrations, conducting theory classes, state cosmetology law, record preparation, clinic floor supervision, safety of clients/students, seeking and obtaining employment, salon management/record keeping, professional ethics, effective communication and human relation, and payroll deductions. The student instructor course consists of 300 hours of instruction of both theoretical and practical skill development required for licensure. Theory and practice are integrated throughout the course. All education and learning environments in our school is conducted in English, to include classroom activity and clinic floor education.


  • The licensed professional may choose from a variety of jobs within the Cosmetology/related field(s). The following vocations are options that may be considered upon graduation
  • INSTRUCTOR: Student Salon or Classroom Instructor, Salon Owner or Manager, State Board Member/Examiner, Director of Education, School Administrator or Owner