The primary purpose of the Manicuring course is to train the student in basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, proper work habits and desirable attitudes necessary for entry level positions in Manicuring or related career avenue. The Manicuring course consists of 600 hours of instruction of both theoretical and practical skill development required for licensure. Theory and practical practice precede laboratory activities; students are expected complete the theory and practical assignments in each phase of training and receive a passing grade on each exercise before being allowed to participate in laboratory activities. Theory and practice are integrated throughout the course. All education and learning environments in our school are conducted in English, to include classroom activity and clinic floor education.


The licensed professional may choose from a variety of jobs within the Cosmetology/related field(s). The following vocations are options that may be considered upon graduation

  • MANICURIST: Nail Technician, Spa Professional, Nail Art Specialist, Product Representative, Retail Specialist, Salon Owner or Manager, State Board Member/Examiner